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Inner thigh Exercises

Inner Thigh Exercises

  • There are many different inner thigh exercises that are said to reduce fat, but reducing fat from the inner thigh muscle is a tough task.
  • No matter what inner thigh exercises you do, you will not lose fat unless you cut calories and reduce the amount of fatty foods and drinks.
  • Building inner thigh muscles will increase your resting metabolic rate which means you will burn more calories at rest which contributes to overall fat loss.
  • We also highly recommend you purchase a fat burning supplement to go along with theinner thigh exercises to see maximal results.
  • When it comes to weight training we recommend four different inner thigh exercises which we have listed below.
The 3 Best Inner Thigh Exercises:
  • Squats
  • Leg Presses
  • Lunges
Squats Targeting Inner Thighs
  • The squat is a overall great full body lift that targets almost every muscle in the body, but really focuses on the glutes, quads and inner thighs. The secret to better targeting the inner thigh is to widen your stance. A wide stance will really target the inner thigh help tone that section of your leg tremendously.
inner thigh exercises
Leg Presses Targeting the Inner Thigh
  • You should really focus on light weight and form when doing the leg press. You should have a very slow movement and make sure to stretch deep at the bottom and extent completely at the top. Again make sure your feet are in a wider than normal stance to really target the inner thighs.
inner thigh exercises

Inner Thigh Lunges
  • Lunges are an amazing exercise that can really target the inner thighs if done correctly. When doing lunges it’s important to take BIG strides and really stretch while going deep on each repetition.
inner thigh exercises

Inner Thigh Exercises extended….

The body naturally stores fat in the inner thighs in both woman and men. Although you can tone your inner thighs with the exercises mentioned above, it’s crucial to get on a fully body exercises program and remain consistent through out. To go along with your inner thigh exercises we recommend you have a complete leg routine to insure your legs are proportional. Along with your exercise routine it’s crucial to acquire a proper diet that aims at losing fat. Cutting calories and carbohydrates from your diet will insure fat loss in not only your inner thighs, but your whole body.


  1. share some tips for having flat tummy....

  2. see wat actually ppl reply to dis question is balance ur die and reduce fat and carbs intake.......
    but this is sumthng vch evry1 knw probably..apart frm this i recommend u to spend atleast 30 mins in gym ...doesnt matter even if u dnt work hard but atleast sweat evryday......liftng any kind of weight in gym transfers pressure to ur abs....i wud also recommend u to go 4 cardio-exercise.....these r sum tips vch rnt tym consuming and u wud definitely witness diffrence within a month