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      A fast foot to the groin will hurt.
      Step back, plant your foot, and as your attacker approaches, come straight up between his legs with an accurate kick into the groin area. Be swift and strong about it or you will just upset him. Maintain your balance by keeping your knees bent and your torso leaning toward the kick. This move can debilitate a guy, and even a girl, in no time.
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      Whap the ears with a cupped hand.
      Cup your hands and in a wide, fast motion, slam them both against your opponent's ears, as hard as you can. Boxing the ears this way is an underused technique that works very well. It produces a violent sound wave that has the potential to blow out your opponent's eardrums. This is not fun for the attacker and will leave him reeling in paiN
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      Palm-Strike the nose, and win your freedom.
      Bring your palm powerfully either up under the nose, or down atop the bridge of the nose. The nose is an extremely delicate area. A powerful uppercut palm-strike to the bottom of the nose can break it easily. Coming down from above with the palm of your hand onto the bridge of the nose can have the same effect. Either of these moves are very likely to convince your opponent to back off.
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      If your opponent does this, kick him in the chest.
      Kick with all your might, using the heel of your foot, directly into your opponent's solar plexus. The solar plexus is the indented area directly in the middle of your chest, at the bottom of your ribs where they come together. A good kick to this point will knock the wind out of your opponent and send him to the ground for a few minutes. A strong palm strike or knee strike here can have a similar effect. This isn't generally a spot that an untrained attacker is expecting to be hit -- if he is expecting you to hit him at all -- so keep your eye out for the chance to use it.
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      Make your opponent see stars by stomping on her foot.
      Stomp on a foot. The bones of the foot are extremely delicate and can be broken with less force than you may imagine. Whether or not you are out to actually break bones is your decision, but use enough force to make sure your attacker gets the idea. You can use this move especially if you find yourself in any kind of choke or holding situation that you need to escape from. If your opponent can't stand up, she can't come after you.

      Tips & Warnings

      Unless you are looking for a fight, the best thing to do in a self-defense situation is to get out of it as quickly as possible, and away from your attacker.

      Debilitating your attacker is also important. Make sure he's down and will stay down long enough for you to put some distance between the both of you.

      Consider taking a few workouts with punching bags at the local gym so you become more familiar with moving, hitting and kicking.

      If you are concerned about a known threat, consider buying pepper spray or foam. It's better to have a defensive tool and not need it than to need it and not have it.

      Without proper self-defense training beforehand, you may be at a disadvantage against someone who is aggressively coming after you. Chances are you are not his first victim and he will have experience with similar physical situations. Stay aware and ahead of his actions.

      If it looks as though your opponent has actual training of any kind, then do all you can to avoid physical contact.

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